Retreats 2021

Siena Retreat 2021 (Siena Center, Racine, WI)


COME TO THE WATER!  Remember that all you long time POP’ers!  The Lake is still there along with all that beautiful lake glass!  And our fall retreat is scheduled for Monday, September 27th – Friday, October 1st.  (And yes, it is thru Friday this year-yippee!).

I don’t have the new rates yet, so will have to let you know later, nor do I know the check in/check out times.  I am anticipating that we can start early on Monday (like 9-10ish).  I am planning on dinner only Monday night and breakfast only on Friday.

I have reserved space for 25 so everyone who wants to come should be able to.  If you are interested let me know via email.  I am not taking any money until August to insure things don’t change and we are really going.

Currently Siena has a Coronavirus Guildeline in place which will require daily temperature checks, social distancing and wearing of masks in all areas (except when eating or alone in your bedroom).  There will be a health-screening document to fill out.  Your bedroom will also be assigned prior to arrival so if you have a special need (firm mattress, queen size, close to elevator, etc.), let me know when you sign up.  And if Wisconsin/Siena changes any guidelines I will let you know.

Siena Retreat Center is located on the banks of Lake Michigan and is a picturesque, peaceful setting.  The room we quilt in is spacious, well lit and offers a view of the lake.  You are provided a 6 foot table for quilting.  We have a kitchen area included although meals are provided by the Retreat Center.  Everyone has a private bedroom with their own bath.  A perfect place to relax, quilt and socialize!  More info, price will come in the next few months and I will be taking deposits in May.  Any questions, contact Kathy Mueller, or call at 815-953-6601.

I can’t wait to see everyone again!!!!!!


Siena Retreat 2022 (Siena Center, Racine, WI)

For those of you who like to plan ahead, the Siena 2022 Fall Retreat is set for Monday, September 19, 2022 – Friday, September 23, 2022.  Put it in your planner!