Quilt Show 2020

We are currently securing a date in March 2020 at Richland School for our next Quilt Show.  HOWEVER, we need members to chair the show and we need a committee to design our Opportunity Quilt and get it completed (with the help of ALL our members) so it can be traveling in 2019 and tickets sold on it.  Our Quilt Show proceeds support our guild activities for 2 years.  Our Program Budget is approximately $8,000-$10,000/year with speakers fees, travel costs, etc.  Without the Quilt Show profits, we will not be able to continue our excellent and nationally recognized speakers or offer the workshops.  We would not have Saturday Sewing or perhaps even our meetings at Zion (we pay them for the use of their facility).  Our guild is dependent on the proceeds from the Quilt Show to get through the next 2 years.

There are members with Quilt Show Chair experience who can answer questions.  There are written reports of prior shows.  The 2018 Quilt Show Wrap Up meeting had many good suggestions to go forward with.  BUT, WE NEED SOMEONE TO STEP UP AND COMMIT TO THE 2020 QUILT SHOW CHAIRMAN(S).  AND WE NEED A COMMITTEE TO DESIGN OUR NEXT OPPORTUNITY QUILT.

This is your guild.  Please consider volunteering.

Kathy Mueller, President

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