POP 35th Anniversary

April 2019 will be our 35th Anniversary as a Guild and our meeting will be a celebration of that.  I am looking or members to assist in sorting through the archives with me to get our history in order.  I bet there are a lot of interesting and fun things over the past 35 years that can be found and shared with our members.  When was our first quilt show?  What were the early programs?  Do we have any members who were at that first meeting?  (I believe we do!)  What did our first Raffle Quilt look like?
meeting? (I believe we do!)

Anyone having information on our history, old newsletters, retreats, quilt show info, etc., please contact Kathy Mueller.  If you are interested in delving into the archives or planning our 35th Anniversary Celebration, please contact Kathy Mueller at www.scpbklane@aol.com.

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