If you would like to contact anyone on our committee list, please send an email through this website and it will be forwarded to them.  If you are a member, you can contact them directly through their personal email listed on the membership list.

Co-chairs Lana Stafford and Lynn Scheimann
Treasurer Kathy Mueller
Opportunity Quilt Ticket Sales Carol Green and Alice Krzak
Travel Coordinator Aniela Levin
Challenge Quilt Sharon Thomsen
Facility Coordinator Diane Sandberg
Equipment Rental Sandy Piatak and Pat Clower
Layout Sharon Nichols and Sharon Olson
Quilt Flyers & Labels Christine Williams
Show Props Geri MacRoy
Interior Signs Glenis Orlowski and Val Shiller
Vendors Jan Mueller
Volunteer Coordinator Aniela Levin
Silent Auction Jo Snider and Elaine Salato
Publicity Linda Charley
Announcements at Show Jennifer Henry
Quilt Registration Christine Williams
Check in and out Jennifer Henry and Shawn Greenaugh
Raffle Baskets Marion Bond and Sondra Pawcheck
Bake Sale Nancy Mancke
Exterior Signs Linda Charley
Strip Search Terri Karls, Sherry Wesner and Jan Woratshek
Ribbons Pat Lipscomb and Marcy Maughan
Book Sales Bonnie Orzech and Jackie Lowy
Magazine Sales Sandy McHenney

Opportunity Quilt Design                  Julie Baird, Beth Grossman, Sandy Piatak, Sharon                                                                         Thomson and Jill Struck