A message from our President

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers but in this instance May will bring the last of our Zoom meetings for a short time as we continue to navigate the ever changing Covid protocols for gatherings. As warm weather beckons us outside to enjoy a walk or spend time in our gardens, we are excited at the opportunity to once again be able to gather for socially distanced parking lot meetings once again over the Summer months of June, July and August. Our contracts committee is busy behind the scenes looking for affordable and interesting speakers to fill in our upcoming calendar and at this time, we are expecting to return to Zoom meetings in September.  Our parking lot meetings will take focus on philanthropy, block exchange and show and tell as well as the opportunity to physically see one another again in a socially distanced gathering. Please remember that our parking lot meetings will have the same rules as in the past requiring each member to bring their own chair, wear a mask and position yourselves 6ft apart. There will be no access to the building so remember to use the bathroom facilities before you arrive. I’m sorry but those are our agreed upon rules. I am very much looking forward to seeing all of your smiling eyes in person and be able to view your handiwork up close as well.

Sharon Thomsen

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A message from our President

The news of the day continues to present forks in the road of the schedule of our lives as we had originally planned them.

With the CDC now recommending that large gatherings be suspended for the next eight weeks, Pride of the Prairie will not meet at all during the month of  March and April and the possibility of a board meeting in early May is tentative at this time. Our plan is to meet again as a group on May 14 at which time we will draw the winner of the raffle quilt. The health and safety of all is of the utmost concern and we would rather err on the side of caution as this situation is very serious and should not be taken lightly.

I promise not to unnecessarily inundate your mailboxes with news. Look for updates in the newsletter due out on May 1.  In the meantime, be safe and take time to be creative.

Sharon Thomsen

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A message from the POP President

A message from Sharon Thomsen, President

Happy New Year! I’m not sure about any of you but I am stunned that it is already 2020. Where did that time go and how am I almost 60 years old? By the looks of my sewing space, it’s not difficult to believe that I’ve been acquiring these gems of fabrics, patterns,
rulers and notions for the better part of 40 years. I think it actually started before that when I was the assistant manager of a SoFro Fabrics store back when I was a junior in high school in 1976.

I will share that as 2019 was drawing to a close, I did take the opportunity to take stock of many things in my life, including my vast stash and have made several goals both short and long term to further its depletion and my growth as a quilter. I am excited about
the quilting adventures that await me in the coming year including our guild show in March and the line-up of interesting speakers we have scheduled for the coming year. I have personally made a list of the classes I am interested in taking, have marked them on my calendar and set aside funds to cover their costs so I can sign up right away. I love the opportunity to learn new techniques from our speakers and attending the workshops is one of the most affordable ways to put those techniques into practice. Even if I know or think I know how to do something, I can always learn new tricks to make my creations that much more satisfying. I do so enjoy the camaraderie of our guild community and encourage each of you to review our offerings and decide which classes you are interested in taking.

Speaking of our quilt show, remember that your paperwork for submissions MUST be turned into Christine Williams no later than our JANUARY 16 meeting in order to be entered into the show. There will be no exceptions or extensions. Please remember that 2 copies of each entry are required (I always keep a third at home for my own reference).

Our January meeting will be very busy with lots of paperwork being completed so please remember that there will be NO Show & TELL and NO FREEBIES TABLE at
that meeting”. I appreciate your understanding and look forward to all you have to share at our February 20 meeting.

Remember to make time for yourself and Happy Stitching!

Sharon Thomsen – President

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A Message from Sharon Thomsen – President

I would first like to take this opportunity to thank Kathy Mueller and all of the retiring officers and board members for their tireless efforts to foster the art of quilting through continued education and the fellowship that feeds the souls of the many talented members of Pride of the Prairie Quilt Guild. I would also like to thank those who are newly elected
to the board and look forward to working with you and all of the membership to make
this a guild we continue to be proud of.  The 2019 schedule looks very exciting with an
interesting lineup of speakers and workshops as well as the celebration of our 35th
anniversary in April. You won’t want to miss the festivities so mark your calendars and be sure to attend. Don’t forget about our new workshop/class  credit lottery! Check out the
information detailed in the newsletter.

Our 2020 Quilt Show Committee will be coordinating the sale of tickets at Quilt Festival
Chicago in Rosemont on Friday, March 29. Check with either Sandy Piatek, Carol O’Dell or Jennifer Henry to see how you can help with their needs to fill some “Quilt Angel” slots.
There are so many ways to be involved in Pride of the Prairie. This is your guild and we are so glad to have you among our membership.

Happy Stitching!
Sharon Thomsen – President

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International Quilt Show

Our Opportunity Quilt will be displayed at the International Quilt Show in Rosemont on Friday, March 29, 2019.   You can purchase tickets for a chance to win this beautiful quilt!  Stop by to see us!

For more information on the IQS Show, click here!

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A Message from the President

HAPPY 2019! Another year is beginning and what a year of opportunity is ahead for each of us!  A new slate of officers and board members will be presented at the January 2019 meeting. They are voted on at the February meeting and take office March 1st. A lot of new ideas and talent will guide our guild in the coming year(s) and as preparations for our 2020 Quilt Show rev up. Thank you to those who have volunteered for a position.

Other opportunities for everyone include:

* A great selection of programs and workshops for us to hear world class speakers and   learn new things.

* Saturday Sews that provide uninterrupted sewing time with fun and friends.

* Retreats that allow us to enjoy quilting with friends away from home with the added bonus of the stunning water backdrops.

* Philanthropy projects that allow us to contribute to the well being of others.

* Volunteering for the 2020 Quilt Show.

Anyone of our members can participate in any or all of the above opportunities. Our guild is full of wonderful, talented ladies and I can’t think of a better way to learn, get to your know your fellow guild members and have lots of fun.I hope 2019 is your best year ever. Do what makes you happy! Stay healthy! Enjoy your family and friends! And keep on quilting!


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Opportunity Quilt

If you missed our August guild meeting, the Opportunity Quilt kits were available to be picked up.  The kits will be available again at our Saturday, September 8th sew-in.  If you will not be available on the 8th and would like a kit(s), please get in touch with Aniela Levin (anielaml@aol.com).

Thank you!  Each member is encouraged to sew a block for the guild’s quilt.  The blocks are paper pieced.

Opportunity Quilt Committee

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POP 35th Anniversary

April 2019 will be our 35th Anniversary as a Guild and our meeting will be a celebration of that.  I am looking or members to assist in sorting through the archives with me to get our history in order.  I bet there are a lot of interesting and fun things over the past 35 years that can be found and shared with our members.  When was our first quilt show?  What were the early programs?  Do we have any members who were at that first meeting?  (I believe we do!)  What did our first Raffle Quilt look like?
meeting? (I believe we do!)

Anyone having information on our history, old newsletters, retreats, quilt show info, etc., please contact Kathy Mueller.  If you are interested in delving into the archives or planning our 35th Anniversary Celebration, please contact Kathy Mueller at www.scpbklane@aol.com.

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Thank You!

A big “Thank You” to Laura Blanchard, Olive Herman and Sharon Thomsen for planning a fun picnic.  Great food and fun was had by all.  It is always a treat to be able to socialize with our fellow members and what a better way than over a picnic.  I can’t wait to see blocks that come from the Fat Quarter Exchange.

Thank you also to all of our members who volunteered to be docents at the recent US National Parks Quilt Exhibit at Isle a la Cache Museum in Romeoville.  The quilts there and the other locations were spectacular.  I had so much fun visiting with the guests that attended.  Ladies (and husbands) were on road trips from Madison, Indiana, Chicago, etc. and making it their own “Quilt Hop”.

Kathy Mueller, President

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Picnic Fun!

A big THANK YOU to Laura Blanchard and Olive Herman (and helpers) for hosting such a fun evening.  The food was perfect and the company of friends was even better.  It was a nice evening to visit and enjoy conversation with other guild members!

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